How can I improve my swimming technique

This is a question from Michael Huang: 

I have competed in about 5 triathlon races in the past. They are mostly Olympic and sprint distance. My weakest event is definitely the swim. Please take a look at a sample video of my swim and let me know what I should work on to improve (as a triathlete not as a competitive swimmer). I am not looking to qualify for the US Swim team:) I just want to be sure I can hang with my age group in the swimming portion of the race. 

Hi Michael,

In fact, I used to be a swimming teacher (competition but also beginners) for years and always worked with videos. So it's a pleasure for me to analyse your vid. I could tell a lot of tips to help you to improve your swim but I will go straight to the point

Good points:
- your balance is pretty good
- freestyle arms technique seems to be good

Could be improved:
- Breathing
- Legs movements
- Global coordination (arms,legs,breathing)

How to improve

- Breathing: this is the most important point! While you swim, always try to keep 60% of the air inside your body and breathe in/out only with 40%. Why? Because, more you have air inside your body more your float. So, it's easier for you to glide through the water without making to many movements.

- Legs movements: To be efficient, you must coordinate the movement of your arms with your legs! One kick with your left leg while pulling with you left arm (if you feel good or want to go faster you can use 3 kicks for 1 arm). At this moment your right leg and arm are fully extended and allow you to glide through the water for 1 sec+ breathe out. For the other side, just change left and right in the sentence.

- Global coordination: 1 kick+pull arm= breathe out ->glide 1sec-> turn your head breathe in -> and redo the same thing on the other side.


Your swim is correct but you do a lot of movements that are not efficient enough.

Let me give you an example: If you swim 25 meters, you will use your arms 20 times (+breathe 10 times) and I will use my arms 10 times (breath 5 times).

Why? Because I will glide through the water while you will do another movement with the other arm. Because you breathe faster and I breathe relax (take my time to breathe because I glide)

Check out this vid to understand what I mean:
I swim relax, 10 times arms for 25 meters. 1 kick-1 arm.
Another vids 3 kicks-1 arm (2min 20sec)

I hope it can help and wish you the best!


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