I would like to improve the way I float in the water

This is a question from Hour Shee:

I tried to do the face down float but my legs just failed to move towards the surface of the water. I had put myself to the relax mode.This also happened when I did the face up float.
Can you please advise what goes wrong with my way?

Many thanks to you.


Hi Hour Shee,

As you can see in this video, if your legs go down while floating, it's just normal... We can't put air inside the legs :). But I understand what you mean because if you ask a swimmer not to let his legs down, it won't be a problem for him/her.

The problem comes certainly from little crispations inside your body (maybe from your back, neck and your shoulders ).

My advise to you:

- Try to start with in the natural position (legs down) and little by little try to put your legs up. If you go fast, you won't succeed so do it slowly, this very important! While doing this exercice slowly,  you'll have the time to detect from where comes the problem.
- You can also try to diversify floating exercices in order not to do always the same exercice.

Yes you can! Have a nice day :-)


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